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Broadband Products, Inc. is a market driven manufacturer of connectivity products to the broadband voice. video and data markets. Our product focus follows closely the ever evolving connectivity requirements of our dynamic customer base.

In order to reduce costs and achieve high quality efficiently, BPI utilizes a somewhat unique approach to design, development and manufacturing. Product turnaround is achieved quickly and efficiently via a dedicated factory based engineering staff. Keenly aware of a quickly changing supply market we also draw upon the resources of invested established partners to bring high quality products that meet our customers objectives.

From packaging to a comprehensive order acknowledgment system we have a top down dedication to world class customer service. In 2006 we became the first supplier of our kind to label everything we send out to our customers with their own part numbers. Packing lists, invoices and shipping cartons have customer part numbers in addition to our own. Even our product catalogs and literature are marked with customer part numbers.

BPI serves broadband service providers nationwide via fully stocked warehouses in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and San Gabriel, California.

We are dedicated to being the absolute best at what we do. We invite you to give us a call and see for yourself.

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