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Ultimate Video Component HDTV Patch Cords
Digital Video Patch Cords

Digital Video Installations

BPI's Ultimate Video Component HDTV patch cord features multi-stranded copper conductors for the highest possible signal strength and maximum low frequency response. Corrosion-resistant 24K gold contacts ensure high conductivity for the best possible picture, and support the ultra-high resolution standards your high definition components use.

Packaged individually with cello wrap and twist-ties.
  • 3 micron 24K gold plated and 360° shell RCA connectors.
  • Extended bandwidth tested for extra low loss out to 1 GHz.
  • Ultra-High performance video cable with gas-injected dielectric.
  • Double shielding for the highest resolution picture.
  • 100% sweep tested to ensure optimum performance.

Part# Description QTY/Case
37-306 6' HDTV Ultimate 3-Cond Cable 50
37-312 12' HDTV Ultimate 3-Cond Cable 25
37-406 6' HDTV Ultimate 4-Cond Cable 40
37-412 12' HDTV Ultimate 4-Cond Cable 20
37-506 6' HDTV Ultimate 5-Cond Cable 40
37-512 12' HDTV Ultimate 5-Cond Cable 20
37-520 20' HDTV Ultimate 5-Cond Cable 5

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