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The credit-card sized BNP832-TX ethernet adapter is designed for laptop computers. This full-featured dual speed adapter delivers reliable quality, superior performance and all of the latest features. Featuring an auto-sensing capability, the BNP832-TX provides automatic selection of network speed and duplex mode.

Includes a comprehensive set of software drivers for standard Network Operating Systems. Plug-N-Play compatibility allows for simple set-up. BNP832-TX is designed with low power consumption in mind to preserve battery life. Diagnostic LED's allow for instant visual verification of traffic and 10/100mbps operation.

Part# BNP832TX
Click here to download drivers
(file size: 1.3 MB)

Part# BNP832TXU
Click here to download drivers

  • Includes drivers for all industry standard PC operating systems.
  • 3.3V power consumption.
  • Auto-Sensing mechanism automatically detects network speed and transmission mode (full/half duplex).
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate network status.
  • "Hot Swap" card insertion and removal.
  • Conforms to IEEE802.3/u standards for 10Base-T and 100Base-TX.
  • 68-pin connector for attachment to PC's CardBus slot and 15-pin flat connector to media coupler.

Power Requirements
+3.3V / 450mA maximum

Cable Connections
RJ-45 (10Base-T) UTP Category 3,4,5
RJ-45 (100Base-TX) UTP Category 5

IEEE802.3/10Base-T, IEEE802.3u/100Base-TX

3 ounces

3.37" x 2.128" x 0.197"

Duplex Support
20/200mbps Full Duplex

System Requirements
386SX or faster processor
Type II PC Card Slot

Software Compatibility
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, MAC
NetWare Server, DOS ODI driver,
Client 32 for Windows 95/98,
Windows for Workgroups,
Windows NT, LAN Manager,
IBM LAN Server,
OS/2 Extended Edition,
NDIS driver for DEC Pathworks and Banyan,
Packet Driver. SCO UNIX

Part# Description QTY/Case
BNP832TX PCMCIA 32-Bit Ethernet Adapter for PC Laptop 40
BNP832TXU PCMCIA 32-Bit Ethernet Adapter for PC/MAC Laptop 40

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