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Weather Proofing: Seals

Drop Saver

Drop Saver BPI's Drop Savers are used to connect drop connectors on one end and taps or locking terminators on the other end. Its' super strong body with pre-installed gromment is perfect for outdoor applications.

  • Manufactured from EPDM rubber.
  • Removeable and Re-Usable.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Female on one end and male on the other.
  • Protects the drop connectors when they're not being used.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BDS-1 Drop Saver 100/5000

Drop Enclosure

Drop Enclosure The BDE splice kit allows thetechnician to complete a direct burial splicefor RG6, RG11 or RG59 coaxial cable.

The enclosure is quick and easy to install requiring nospecial tools or gels. They are easily re-enterable for visual inspection and are re-usable.

The enclosure is manufactured of an engineering grade polymer based outer housing that resists moisture, petrolem based products, chemicals and rodents.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BDE59611 6"X3/4". Includes grommets. 100
BDE59611RG Replacement grommets 100

F Connector Seals

F Connector Seals An inexpensive way to protect unattached drop cable from corrosion.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BFCS-1 F Connector Seal 100/2500

Weather Seals

Weather Seals Weather Seals provide the ultimate protection from moisture migrating up the threads of F Ports and into the drop cable, or into the device to which coax is being attached. Designed to be used with 1/2" ports. Manufactured from EPDM Rubber. Ordered individually, or...

Weather Seals may be pre-installed onto BPI Drop Passives. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Why order passives with pre-installed weather seals? Even with the installers best intentions, sometimes weather seals are forgotten. Factory installation is the best way to ensure that weather seals are used in your cable system.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BWS500 Weather Seals 100/5000

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