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Locking Terminators

Locking Terminators

Proper termination of RF signals in tap ports, as well as, security from unwanted tampering.

The demanding requirements of digital delivery and return path communications have raised the standards for the termination of tap ports. The next generation of the theft proof terminators must do more than simply protect unused tap ports from theft of services. They must also protect against ingress of unwanted signal.

Unterminated or poorly terminated directional taps pose potential problems, especially in tap values from 4dB through 17dB. These tap values in particular, when poorly terminated may experience ghosting or reflection due to lack of isolation from the line. These reflections can be eliminated by utilizing terminators with high return loss, thus stopping noise ingress from sources such as CB radios. The high return presents a sufficient impedance load on the F port lowering the noise floor and eliminating reflections.

BPI has met this challenge by developing the rugged BLTR weather sealed theft proof terminator. Our terminator provides economical protection against theft of service with excellent electrical specifications, in a corrosion resistant brass body.
  • Exceeds SCTE recommendation of -30dB minimum return loss from 5 to 1000 MHz.
  • Heavy duty tamper proof construction.
  • Sealed body to protect against moisture migrating down the F port and damaging the resistor.
  • Brass body with corrosion resistant nickel plating.
  • Utilizes existing LTT Series Tools.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BLTR35HB Theft proof Terminator w/ resistor 1000
BLTRN Theft proof Terminator w/o resistor 1000
LTT4 Security Tool for BLTR with 4" shank  
LTT7 Security Tool for BLTR with 7" shank  

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