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HDTV Patch Cords

DVI Patch Cords
DVI Patch Cords

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) provides high resolution Video up to 2048 X 1536. Our DVI-D cables can be used for direct digital video connections between HDTV cable boxes and HDTV televisions. DVI-D digital cable eliminates the analog conversion process necessary when using PrPbY cables resulting in higher quality video displays. These precision-engineered cables are fully compliant with the DVI standard defined by DDWG (Digital Display Working Group). The DVI-D dual link configuration provides enough bandwidth for resolutions up to 1600 X 1200 and allows high speed digital transmission up to 9.9 Gbps.
  • Direct digital Video connection between HDTV cable boxes and HDTV televisions
  • Provides a faster, higher-quality image than with analog
  • Eliminates analog conversion process
DVI-HDMI Adapter
  • Digital Dual Link
  • Pair: 28, 30 Conductor: 28,30
  • Shielding: Aluminum / Mylar
  • Jacket OD: 28AWG-7.8mm, 30AWG - 6.5mm
  • UL: CM, 20276 / CSA: CMG

Part# Description QTY/Case
38-106 DVI-D Dual Link 6' 60
38-110 DVI-D Dual Link 10' 30
38-112 DVI-D Dual Link 12' 30
38-125 DVI-D Dual Link 25' 20
38-206 DVI TO HDMI 6' 40
38-210 DVI TO HDMI 10' 40
38-212 DVI TO HDMI 12' 40
38-225 DVI TO HDMI 25' 40
38-200 DVI-Male to HDMI-Female Adapter 100

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