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Ground Clamps

Aluminum Ground Clamp

Aluminum Ground Clamp The Penn-Union Aluminum Ground Clamp can be used to ground galvanized or copper water pipe and steel conduit.
  • UL Listed for copper or aluminum ground wire.
  • Tin Plated for low contact resistance and corrosion resistance.
Part# Fits Pipe Sizes Fits Wire Range
GC-1 1/2"-1" 2SOL.-14SOL.
GC-2 1-1/4"-2" 6SOL.-250MCM
GC-4 2-1/4"-4" 6SOL.-250MCM

Zinc Die-Cast Ground Clamp

Zinc Die-Cast Ground Clamp Used to ground to galvanized or copper water pipe.
  • UL Listed
  • Fits ground wire sizes #10-#2 AWG
Part# Fits Pipe Sizes Fits Wire Range Standard Carton
GC-5 1/2"-1" 2SOL.-14SOL. 250
GC-6 1-1/4"-2" 6SOL.-250MCM 100

Trailer Ground Clamp

Trailer Ground Clamp The Penn-Union Trailer Ground Clamp is used to ground the frames of trailers. Ground #6 through #14 solid copper wire to metal frames. Piercing anchoring bolt provides excellent conductivity.

Part# Desc. Fits Wire Range Standard Carton
B-TGC-H Ground Clamp 6SOL.-14SOL. 250

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