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Zip Tags
Zip Tag
Zip Tag Group Broadband Products Zip Tag's are a cost-effective means of identifying subscriber status and marking coaxial cables. They are manufactured from a tough UV stabilized KOPA Nylon noted for its durability in temperature extremes.

  • Dual Locking head. Tag must be destroyed in order to be removed.
  • Engraved serial numbers provide permanent identification.
  • Manufactured from a tough UV stable Nylon.
  • Sold in strips of ten for installer convenience.
  • Available with custom logo.
  • Custom Colors Available.
Part# Description QTY Per Box
BZT1-(color) ZipTag with write-on area 100/1000
BZT2-(color) ZipTag with write-on area & serial numbers 100/1000
BZT3-(color) ZipTag with serial numbers 100/1000
BZT4-(number/letter) ZipTag with (1) letter or number - 0 thru 9 A thru Z 100/1000
BZT5-(color) ZipTag - Plain 100/1000
BZT6-(color) ZipTag with peel & stick bar code label 100/1000
BZT(custom code) Customized ZipTag - Please call your representative for ordering information 100/1000
BZT-GWGR Ground Wire Tag - Green 100/1000
BZT-GWOR Ground Wire Tag - Orange 100/1000

Audio Control Tags

  • Body manufactured from UV Stabilized Polypropylene.
  • Hasp manufactured from Stainless Steel.
  • Audit control tags are available with or without a serial number unique to each Tag.
  • Available with a white write-on area.
  • Company Logo available.
  • Custom Lettering available.
  • Available in over 20 colors.
  • 24 Hour Shipping for standard products.
Broadband Products audit control tags are used by cable television companies who wish to mark their customers drop cables to identify their subscriber status for quick and easy auditing.

Each audit control tag is provided with its own unique serial number. A record of these serial numbers are kept on file for security purposes.

By stamping your company name or logo onto Broadband audit control tags, you can easily identify subscribers who remove and replace audit control tags for theft purposes.

Part# Description QTY Per Box QTY Per Case
BIT-(COLOR)-X Tag without serial numbers 1000 5000
BIT-(COLOR) Tag w/ 7-digit serialized numbers 1000 5000
BIT-(COLOR)-WO Tag w/ 7-digit serialized numbers w/ write-on area 1000 5000
BIT-(COLOR)-CPW Tag w/ 7-digit serialized numbers w/ write-on area w/ custom lettering 1000 5000
BIT-(COLOR)-CLW Tag w/ 7-digit serialized numbers w/ write-on area w/ custom logo 1000 5000

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