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Splice Connectors

Splice Connectors

Broadband Products BF81 Series Barrel Splices are high quality connectors designed for today's digital environment. Manufactured with flat port ends on both sides BF Series F81's and ground blocks offer a superior match with all male F type connectors. Because F connectors mate better with a flat surface, BF Series ensure minimal RF leakage and moisture ingress protection. In addition all BF Series product are available with a patented round pin center conductor contact, these connectors achieve superior specifications when compared to conventional F81's. USA Patent# 6,065,997.

Manufactured from nickel plated brass, the splices are available in two lengths and three designs to accomodate in-line splicing, wall plates and grounding brackets and demarcation plates.
  • Excellent Return Loss Specifications
  • Excellent Insertion Loss Specifications
  • 300% Increase in Contact Area
  • Excellent EMI and Weather Protection

Bandwidth 5-40 40-500 500-750 750-1000
Insertion Loss (Maximum dB) .003 .004 .006 .05
Return Loss 30 30 27 25

Part# Description QTY/Case
BF81L 1.02" F81. 2000
BF81LR Same as BF81L with round pin center conductor contact. 2000
BF81WP 1.02" F81 for wall plate or ground block use 2000
BF81WPR Same as BF81WP with round pin ceter conductor contact 2000
BF81DL 1.35" F81 for mounting to ground brackets or demarcationn plates. 2000
BF81DLR Same as BF81DL with round pin center conductor contact. 2000
HDW81 Mounting Hardware for Ground Bracket/Demarcation Plate/Wall Plates 100/5000

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