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High Pass Filters
High Pass Filters effectively isolate and attenuate the ingress of noise into the return path while maintaining up-stream video transmission.

Excellent environmental stability achieved through the use of elastic O-Rings and a polymer male connector seal, combined to significantly reduce signal egress.

The HP-02M is a smaller filter (1.5") designed for easier installation in audit control boxes or in small apartment boxes. Nickel plated. Meets SCTE-IPS-TR-406 for corrosion resistance and IPS-SP-400 for connector interface design.

Hermetically sealed to withstand 20psi.
High Pass Filters
Model # Insertion Loss RFI Isolation Frequency Stability Dimensions Impedence
HP02 <1.5dB >100dB -40 to 140F 2.3" Long 75 Ohms
HP03 <1.5dB >100dB -40 to 140F 1.5" Long 75 Ohms
HP03M <1.5dB >100dB -40 to 140F 2.0" Long 75 Ohms

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