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P House Hooks

Stainless P House Hooks

P House Hooks A common problem that occurs with standard P house hooks is rust When house hooks rust they can cause unsightly stains on subscribers homes. Broadband Products P House Hooks are manufactured from stainless steel and significantly reduce this problem. For pennies per drop, cable operators can install a permanent attachment that will not rust and possibly damage subscribers homes.

An added benefit of the BPHSS is sharp threading made possible because hot dip galvanizing is not needed.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BPHSS Stainless P House Hook 100/800

P House Hooks

P House Hooks P House Hooks are used to provide strain relief for the drop wire coming from the span clamp to the side of the house. The drop wires messenger is attached to the P house hook via a bail eyelet, drop wire clamp or by wrapping the messenger itself to the hook.

Part# Description QTY/Case
BPH Galvanized P House Hook 200
A10 Zinc Plated P House Hookk  

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