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Voice over IP Accessories

66 Block 66 Block

BPI's 66 block is used to connect incoming voice and data wiring to customer's premise equipment. While usually placed in equipment rooms, the 66 block can also be installed in remote and intermediate wiring closets to complete the bridge to the customer's equipment. Quick and reliable connections are made using the phosphor bronze alloy bridging clips. The clips are removable and can be reused for new wiring.
  • High impact, fire retardant thermoplastic
  • Mounts to brackets to create space for cable behind block
  • Terminates 22-26 AWG solid insulated cable
  • 2 and 3 Pair 66 Block can be easily stacked to provide 12, 18, 24, etc pairs of terminals
Part# Description QTY/Case
53-66M50 50 Pair 66 Block 25
53-66M25 25 Pair 66 Block 50
53-66M3 3 Pair 66 Block 100
53-66M2 2 Pair 66 Block 200

Bridging Clip Bridging Clip

BPI's Bridging Clip is used to connect incoming station wire. It is also used for isolating and testing incoming pairs from outgoing pairs and these clips are reusable.
  • Tin-Plated phosphor bronze alloy
  • Use with 66 Block
  • Can be easily removed and reused for rewiring
Part# Description QTY/Case
53-BC Bridging Clip for 66 Block 100/Bag 100

Butt Splice Butt Splice

BPI's butt splice can accept up to 3 solid copper conductors of different wire gauges up to 0.4 mm for air core cable or 2.08mm for filled insulation cable. BPI's 53-200Y is approximately half the size of the 53-200R and can handle any two solid copper conductor combinations. Its two ports can accept a higher pair count cable without increasing the outside diameter splicing bundle.
Part# Description QTY/Case
53-200R 3 Wire Butt Splice 100
53-200Y 2 Wire Butt Splice 100
53-200G In-Line UG Splice 100

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