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Voice over IP Tools

Impact Tool Impact Tool

BPI's is adjustable to terminate 22-26 gauge wire on 110 and 66 termination blocks. The adjustable settings allows for quick punch down termination on various terminal block types while the blade cuts off excess wire in one easy step.
  • Available with 66, 110/88 Blades
  • Easy Blade change
  • Blades sold separately
Part# Description QTY/Case
55-816 Punch Down Tool w/ 110/66 Blade 1
55-814 Punch Down Tool 1
55-812 Replacement Blade-66/110 10
55-811 Replacement Blade-110 10
55-810 Replacement Blade-66 10

Modular Crimper Modular Crimper

BPI's modular crimper has ratchet action to make crimping modular plugs in the field a simple process. The tool can also be used for cutting and stripping of wire. This versatile crimper can be used on RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 modular plugs which can accommodate up to eight wires.

Part# Description QTY/Case
55-820 Modular Crimper-RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 1

UTP Stripper Tool UTP Stripper Tool

BPI's Unshielded Twisted Pair "UTP" stripper prepares twisted pair cable for termination. It easily removes the outer cable jacket without damaging the inner twisted pair conductor wire.

Part# Description QTY/Case
55-830 Universal UTP Stripper 1
55-831 Replacement Blade for 55-830 10
55-835 Economical UTP Stripper 1

Splice Crimper Splice Crimper

This crimper tool has parallel crimping action to make secure splices utilizing the UY2 and UR2 connectors. The return spring and vinyl handle cover make splices easy and strong. The tool can also be used to cut wire.

Part# Description QTY/Case
D234-6C Splice Crimper 1

©2004 Broadband Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
©2004 Broadband Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved.