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Replacement Power Suppplies (AC Digital Adapters)
Replacement AC Adapter For Cable Modems
    Replacement power supply for the New Motorola DCT700

    Wall Mount Style -

    BPI Part# SY-12080-25

  • UL Listed.
  • Available in Desktop Style or Wall Mount.
  • Available for all major cable modems.
  • Available for all major routers.


Please call your customer services representative for specs and power supplies not listed.

Part# Description QTY/Case
SY-1201-22 Power Supply for Toshiba Modems-Wall Mount 40
SY-09080-25 Power Supply for RCA DCM245 Modems-Wall Mount 48
SY-12080D-25 Power Supply for Motorola 5100 Modems-Desktop 20
SY-09080-17 Power Supply for RCA DCM315 Modems-Wall Mount 40
SY-1201-25 Power Supply for Motorola Tailfin Modems-Wall Mount 30
SY-15100 Power Supply for Com21 & Terayon Modems-Desktop 20
SY-12080-25B Power Supply for RCA DCM305 Modems-Wall Mount 30
SY-12120 Power Supply for Ambit Wireless Modems-Wall Mount 20
36-155 Switching Power Supply for RCA DCM215 & DCM 235 Modems-Desktop 20
36-160 Power Supply for Scientific Atlanta Webstar Modems-Wall Mount 40
SY-10120-21 Power Supply for Ambit & Terayon TX715 Modems-Wall Mount 20
SY-15100-17S Power Supply for Scientific Atlanta Modems-Desktop 20
GPE241-05250W Power Supply for Toshiba 5000 Wireless Modems-Desktop 40

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