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Cable Modem Self-Installation Kit

Cable Modem Kit Broadband Products can provide kit assembly in any volume. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a range of options for the production of your cable modem self-installation kits from partial to complete production.

Items BPI can provide:
Directional Couplers
CAT5 Patch Cords
Ethernet Adapters
USB Patch Cords
USB Adapters
USB Hubs
Coaxial Jumpers
Cable Clips
Miniature Installation Wrenches
Poly-Bag packaging

Items provided by customer that BPI will incorporate into kit:
Custom pre-printed retail packaging
Cable Modem kits can be customized to your exact requirements utilizing your choice of components. Coaxial patch cords can be pre-attached to the directional coupler or splitter. A small bag of cable clips, miniature installation wrenches, USB adapters or any other required product can be included.

Please call for further information.

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