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Cat-5 Enhanced Patch Cords

Cat-5 Enhanced Patch Cords CAT-5 Patch cords are used to connect cable modem to computer. Constructed of high-performance CAT-5 Enhanced cable suitable for 350mbps high-speed data. Wiring sequence is 100% tested. Continuity is ETL verified to EIA/TIA CAT-5 standards.

4-Pair 24AWG stranded UTP Cable wired to T568B AT&T 258A standard. Terminated to 8-contact RJ45 modular plugs with gold-plated contacts. UL Listed flamed-retardant PVC jacket. Conforms to FCC Part 68.5 requirements.

Please specify *color when ordering. Custom lengths available. Boots are standard. Please use "X" at the end of the part number if boots are not desired.

Part# Description QTY/Case
35-103*Color 3' CAT-5 Patch Cords 250
35-105*Color 5' CAT-5 Patch Cords 250
35-107*Color 7' CAT-5 Patch Cords 250
35-110*Color 10' CAT-5 Patch Cords 200
35-114*Color 14' CAT-5 Patch Cords 200
35-125*Color 25' CAT-5 Patch Cords 100

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